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    TV, radio and print spots for SWA. The spots belong to different campaigns. Different objectives, same personality.
LUV is encrypted in SWA's DNA. An airline that tries to make your flights a little happier, with low prices and a smile. We took this DNA in the different campaigns that we developed. Here you can see part of the work that was done for SWA over the years on TV, radio and print. Different messages, same personality.

Concept development
Post Production
TV spot to reenforce the fact that SWA does not charge for your first two suitcases.
VO: What can you do for your bags to fly free?
VO: Better do it with SWA, the only airline where your bags don't pay.
TV spot to announce the new website in Spanish.
Note: The girl speaks French.
This TV spot was part of a campaign to announce SWA fares...traveling can be costly, but not with SWA.
Print campaign to show non-stop destinations from specific departure cities. In this case Chicago (the windy city).
Copy: Non-stop flights to over 59 destinations. 

Radio campaign to attract tourists.