Rust Belt Brewery
Embrace the Rust Campaign
This was a campaign I did in class for the Rust Belt Brewery out of Youngstown, Ohio. Being from Youngstown, I know the type of gritty blue-collar city that it is. I wanted to really show the pride we have in our hometown almost because of the gritty aspects, and I wanted to drive home that the beer is much the same way. The things that some might consider negative attributes are the things Rust Belt prides themselves on. The campaign rallies around the slogan, "Embrace the Rust" and it contains 3 print ads, a coster design, and a decal for a truck that could attend local events to sponsor the beer. The campaign is set to the backdrop of the old steel mills because Youngstown, like most of the Rust Belt, was build around the backbone of steel, but it survives on the spirit of rust.