Easy Steps To Build An Affordable DIY Desk Fast
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    The best way to get the perfect computer desk is to build it yourself to your exact specifications.
The best way to get the perfect computer desk is to build it yourself to your exact specifications. You can do this! It is like a puzzle or a computer game you want to win — one step at a time. Think of a diy desk as a challenge with a great pay out. The more careful you are, the better your prize. The best part is, you are not in this alone. You can go on line and find instructions to make computer diy desks, even ergonomically correct computer desks. There are videos and books being marketed for a price. There are diy desk detailed plans for sale or on line to see free.
Computer desks are high priced when you buy them at retail stores and office supply stores. You can spend well over $1,000 on a decent desk, but you can build a diy desk for around $300 depending on how big and what kind of wood or wood products you use. The savings are enough to get you going on researching building your own desk. The most important advice is to plan ahead. Figure out what size diy desk you need and will fit into your available space. What are all the electronic components you need to store and have access to. Computer, tower, printer, scanner, phone, 
speakers, screen, keyboard and so on all need space. You need space to write and put papers or books you are using. Paper and ink need storage space. Do you need a desk lamp? A diy desk can give you everything you need.
Once you have decided what you need in a diy desk, go on the Internet and visit the sites with diy desk plans and advice to see which will best meet your needs. Many of the sites have plans that can be customized to your needs. If you are a woodworker you can make as complicated a desk as you want, but if you are a novice at building things, keep the desk construction simple. Good quality medium density fiberboard (MDF) board is relatively easy to cut and finish. It is smooth for desk tops after you prime, paint and seal it. The desk top needs legs and a keyboard shelf. There are keyboard shelf hanging kits available that work great. Basically you need to cut, sand and finish your desk top to the shape and size you need, then make a base to put it on.
The reason for getting good diy desk plans to work with is that they give you a lot of help and advice with construction techniques. Having a diy desk plan to go by, with predetermined measurements for every piece really helps. When you have the plans, and they are adjusted to your needs, read everything carefully first, then proceed to build your diy desk step by step in order given. Buy the materials the plans call for — no skimping — because you want a good desk that lasts for many years. You can build a simple diy desk using medium density fiberboard for the top and purchasing legs to screw into the underside, then hang the keyboard shelf with the kit for that purpose. You can set the medium density fiberboard top on two file cabinets for more storage, or you can build two bases with shelves for components to set the top on. Adding drawers is more difficult, but with a good plan and instructions it is doable.
To make your own computer desk, you need a good miter saw