Design Problem: Atomic fusion is natures power source. A process that’s kept our sun burning for a billion 
years without failing. Scientists have discovered Atomic fusion is the ‘get out of jail free’ card for humanity 
in our current energy crisis. Its the cleanest, most efficient way to create an alternate energy source for our 
ever growing population. Scientists have established the technology to create Atomic fusion, but more 
funding and governments need to invest into the science to make it possible to replace fossil fuels. 
The answer to our energy crisis has been above our heads for all the whole time.
Brief: Eradicate the stigma that surrounds atomic fusion and make it a movement
that will inspire and encourage people to enrol into an energy efficient revolution.
Tone of voice: Open, honest, urgent, fresh and emotive.
Audience: Consumers, authoritative Governments and leaders.
*This is my self initiated university project based upon research and current theory of atomic fusion.
 Concept and idea behind the brand mark: 

An atomic fusion reactor, if sliced in half, looks like the core of an apple with a solid column and a donut shaped void of space around its centre. The two elements that are heated and charged and fused are Deuterium and Tritium (Hydrogen isotopes) into Helium, the most abundant energy sources in our universe. The circle on the left represents Hydrogen and the four circles on the right represent Helium. The circles are a representation of the atomic weight of those elements. The colour Cyan is in fact a very common colour emitted when the fusion process occurs. The new clean energy is no longer 'Green energy', it is now 'Blue Energy'.
Concept and idea behind the message: 
This is a project currently under construction and will have further elements added as they are created. Please feel free to re-visit to see further works.
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Also been featured in the newsline publication of ITER as 'Jaye Louis Douce, a 28 year-old graphic design student at University College, Falmouth (UK) has produced design, catchphrases and posters that would befit an advertising blitz for fusion energy.' -Robert Arnoux

Please have a read:

ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) Newsline issue 232, July 15, 2012