tatendrunk Skateboard-graphics-series
We had the idea of our own Tatendrunk skateboard-graphic-series. See the result! 
Starting from left, innocent and simple minded Stewie. He's a really special guy who shaves his head on a regular basis for evidently no reason.
Next to him, Bruce, who's actually a smart dude but gets furious very fast since his mysterious accident in the chemical plant.
In the center, Bruce's brother, the warmhearted and harmony seeking Poochie, who found little Stewie intimidated in the alley and raised him as a son.
Alongside, John with the magical haircut, everybody likes him for. This chap actually has a dark secret to hide – he suffers from kleptomania.
And lastly on the right-hand side, Buck. Who literally doesn't like any of those guys. He simply wants his carrot back.

Well, the moment we caught them, they seemed to have a bit of a brawl.