Marmalade Packaging Redesign
We were commissioned as subcontractors by Bruketa & Žinić o.m. to take part in a competition to redesign series of marmalade packaging for Podravka. Podravka is one of the biggest food producers in Croatia and southeast Europe.
Here are the winning proposals as well as pictures of final products. New jar designs were accepted along with graphic proposal of labels.
Main idea was to connect fine traditional recepies that consumers have learned to know and love with contemporary industrial technology involved.
Starting point - these were to be redesigned. Hip and sour cherry flavors.
Design proposal - smaller jars, 440 g. From left: mixed fruit, apricot, sour cherry and hip flavor.
Design proposal - big jars, 890 g. From left: plum, apricot, hip, mixed fruit flavor and back label.
Black cap variant, discarded.
Final products. From left: mixed fruit, apricot, cranberry and hip flavor.