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The Client [Coffee Exchange] required an update for their printed marketing materiels.
The existing issues included production of poorly printed and outdated bag labels, as well as a mail order brouchure 2 years out of date, that did not reflect the current inventory or goals of the client.
The goal was to update these assets, providing presentable materials, and establish a system to manage their production.
The 1st step was to scan the existing collection of bag labels so the orignal woodcut designs for each coffee, recognizable to CE customers for years. could be converted to a vector format.
Some iterations were made to explore a possible new format for the coffee bag labels, with emphasis on the product vs. emphasis on the brand.
The client decided to keep the original design to maintain long standing branding consistancy.
With the template confirmed, the Master File was compiled for the labels to easily manage any future modifications and prints.
All labels were placed into hierarchies based on the type off coffee, with sections separated by an extra 1/2 inch of space.
The Coffee Exchange Brochure, with 2 year old copy, was also in dire need of an update. 
The new brochure ensures consistency among available products, introduces new sections with informative literature, and provides subtle, but effective aesthetic modifications. 
The typefaces were chosen with the clients existing branding in mind, to provide consistency and visual appeal.