These days, a numbers of moms have theirown jobs. They work hard and want to be good at work and care their babies.However they cannot concentrate on wedding and birth as much as their mothers’generation did. Bla will help the passionate young moms.

  Whena mom goes out their bag is very heavy. They should take Baby Bottle, Hotwater, Milk powder and Powder spoon in a bag. Of you want to mix the powderedformula with warm water and keep in refrigerator in advance. You must eat it upwithin 48hours. And if you keep it at room temperature, it will go bad easilyin an hour.

  Blahelps reducing stuff for outing and you can do baby caring easier at outdoor.You can insert Bla capsule to bottom of bottle.
  Thisprinciple is milk powder in capsule pops and mixes the powdered formula withwarm water. There are 3types of capsules. Each capsule contains differentquantity. 40ml, 60ml, 70ml. Quantity ofMilk Powder is based on baby’s age. For example if you want to feed athree-month-old baby, you should put 120ml of milk. Then you carry only two60ml capsules.
  Theshape of capsule is triangular pyramid to reducing volume. Bottom of bottle forinsert capsule has LCD, so Young mom can easily get their baby’s information,The LCD shows baby’s age, quantity of milk powder and water temperature.

Bla helps young mom who doesn’t want tocarry a big and heavy bag.