3D Fractal Flames
I’ve been making fractals with Apophysis since late 2008, deeply fascinated by the oneiric feeling so typical of fractal flames, and the intriguing patterns and geometries this software can generate.

While I do also enjoy other fractal generating programs such as UltraFractal, Mandelbulber and Mandelbulb3D, I still prefer Apophysis for its higher expressive potential. I’ve been recently focusing on three dimensional flames, with a “photographic” approach and an evident organic and floral inspiration.

A collection of three-dimensional fractal flames created with Apophysis 7X.

Apophysis7x, minor curves adjustments in Photoshop.

Apophysis 7x, slight brightness adjustments in Photoshop.

Musk and Pollen
Apophysis7x (raw flame, no postwork).

Apophysis 7X and a little photoshop for curves adjustments.

Not Here
Apophysis 7x, minor brightness adjustment in Photoshop.

Sacral Nirvana
collaboration with Georg Kiehne "Xyrus02"
Apophysis 7x v15C, minor brightness adjustments in photoshop.

The Creator's Dream
Apophysis 7x and slight colour adjustments in Photoshop (the green tone on the borders).

The Crimson Glade
Apophysis 7x and very slight colour adjustments in Photoshop.

The Nest
Apophysis7x - Photoshop for minor brightness adjustments and layout.