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    Day Care Center in Les Glories Shopping Mall, Barcelona
Day Care Center
Situated is Les Glories Shopping Mall • Barcelona
Les Glories Shopping Mall is situated in the most avant garde and high tech neighbourhood in Barcelona, wich is called 22@. Thinking in solving nuisances for parents, the Day Care Center was conceived as a place to play, read, learn, explore, with activities to do for children aged 4 to 12. Meanwhile, parents can go shopping at their own pace.
Ruiz Stinga has been commissioned to develop a character named "Glori" after the Shopping Mall name. Is "the face" of the Day Care Center. The development contemplates more than one situation and more than one position, reflecting the various activities that can be done in the place. 
Decorative illustrations as well as website were also being developed.
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Let's take a look at the place....
Day Care Center at Les Glories Shopping Mall