Doodle a day Diary.
The sweetest @thegirlfromfuss and @prtksxna gifted me this adorable 'Doodle a day' diary by 'The doodle factory'. Word for June 15 was 'Umbrella' and we five were coincidentally sitting under a cement umbrella eating puffs on the terrace. So that's us under the umbrella eating puffs while it rained. ^ ^
Loving this 'Doodle a day' diary and love how the word for the day is somewhere related to what I've done on that specific day. I could see striped monsoon clouds on the 'zebra' day and had painted some geometric patterns on a friend's body on the 'tattoo' day.
Word for 18th June was 'music'. I had taken a bus from Caranzalem to Patto that afternoon. Music in the bus, and the beauty of rice fields, river, flying birds and monsoon clouds outside. Love the vibe of Goan buses.
The word for yesterday was 'stapler'. I decided to make a pattern of orange stapler pins with oil pastel. ^ ^ And also made a flatlay of the orange stuff I could grab hold of.
Word for today is 'Monsoon'. I made a character with a cloud face, rain body and a rainbow hat.
Jul 3 | Cats
Word for 6th was 'Teardrop'. That's not something I would usually draw. Thought of skipping this, but didn't. So I ended up painting a bright cheerful teardrop.(which probably doesn't even look like one) It's less of a teardrop falling out of an eye and more of a waterfall out of blue-green valley with a rising sun behind. What does it look like to you?
Word for 9th July was 'Trucks'. I've always loved truck art. Here's some!
Now that I'm done spamming with the 20 worktables, going to be posting more of these daily doodles. The word for 14th July was 'rocks'. Here some watercolour rocks, seeds collected from Arambol beach in Goa and the left over lotus from yesterday. ^_*
Word for 16th July was 'beetles'. I've always been fascinated by the forms and colours of insects. I even had a personal project where I would read about an insect and draw. For some reason I just stopped it. Maybe I'll restart soon. These are some of my leftover insects. I lost all of them while shifting from Goa to Bombay. Goa has the most beautiful insect community! <3
Although I had set my own rule for this 'Doodle a day diary' of not drawing on pages left empty earlier(which would make me draw on the pages on time), I broke the rule today. I drew on 18th July's page with the word 'Shapes'. I wasn't in the mood to draw today, sightly overwhelmed with a lot happening lately. So I thought let's make a collage of how I'm feeling today. Today is one of those days when you want to make clones of yourself to be able to do everything and be everywhere. Sucks to not be able to be a part of every exciting thing cause of time constraints; but it's important to be able to say 'no' 'cause there's only so many hours in a day and so many days in a week. #notcomplaining#extremelygrateful #thankyou
Does your dog think the same about you?
20th July. Word: Nuts.
 Word: Spots. ⚫
Meet Oreo and her best friend.
Sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can't see. *Sweater weather-feet dipped in warm water-strawberries with vanilla-Christmas vibes*. Merry Christmas, y'all! 
Word for 27th Dec: Winter // I drew some sweater patterns with my ice cream topped pen while having a bowl full of vanilla topped with chiku.
Word promt: 'P'
The first thing I though of was my happy friend P (Pranita) on a rainbow!
Word: Joy. 
Finding joy in the ordinary. Not. These sharpeners and popup icecream cone are clearly not ordinary.
Ah, having a rather low day today. Surrounding myself with cutecolourfulstuff. 
Today's topic: 'I love you'. // I made a small drawing for myself.// Be your own best friend. 🌼
Self love requires courage. NOT. I personally think it's very easy to love yourself. Not just easy, but essential. Only when you can completely accept and love yourself, can you love others. Or you'll always expect others to fill the void within you, and often be disappointed. Be your own hero and inspire others to be their own.
Word: emoticons.
I got so excited when this was added to the list of emoticons on WhatsApp. Kept spamming around with it! 
Word for 5th August: 'Van'
Doodle a day Diary.

Doodle a day Diary.

I was gifted this 'Doodle a day diary' by the 'Doodle factory' by my close friend. It is one of my most cherished presents. It is a 365 day doodl Read More

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