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    The Tour de Langkawi 2015 bike race needed some Kickatomic love in the branding and graphics department so we made sure they had plenty of it.
The Tour de Langkawi is an annual multi-stage bicycle race held in the pristine island of Langkawi that pits the toughest cyclists from around the globe against each other as they race towards the finish line. The race is broadcasted live on TV and is seen by millions tuning in to witness the challenge. 

We were given the task of crafting the look-and-feel of its overal branding, program slides, title supers and opening sequence for the race in 2015. We worked hand-in-hand with our good friends at TwoPeople studio and had a blast shooting cyclists on green-screens and experimenting with futuristic elements to create the overall look. 

No cyclists were hurt in the making of this tech-boom-inspired video.