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    / The cover for a book edited by some members of the School of Communication and Culture in Århus - Bloomsbury publishing.
The School of Communication and Culture in Århus belongs to the Faculty of Arts and it offers a broad range of research and degree programmes across a variety of fields: literature(s), information and media studies, linguistics, Scandinavian Studies, Western European languages and cultures as well as the arts and aesthetics.
The book is edited by researchers from the Department of Information Science, the Centre for Interacting Minds and the Department of Anthropology.
As the authors are anthropologists and designers, the ‘real’ (intended as contexts, people and things and connected to the time - pasts, presents and futures, engaged in collaborative and material interventions and design processes) plays a very central role in the book.
The upside-down seascape image, with the pastel coloured gradient, creates the space of the ‘possible’, intended as imaginary and speculative, a space for reflection and exploration.