Solve et Coagula is an alchemical motto which suggests analyzing a substance into its components before synthesizing the desirable elements into a new substance.
I was approached by a new client out in China to design a series of five t-shirts graphics, with a completely open brief. After discussing some possibilities with them, we agreed that a theme of remixing and combining iconic elements would give us scope to explore lots of possibilities across the series. To tie the range together I decided upon utilising the classic alchemical motto Solve et Coagula, which I feel adds intrigue.

It was also important to us to add elements of street culture to further heighten the sense of combining disparate elements.

I hope you enjoy the series!
001: Ath Wonder​ :
002: Grand Chief of Aeon :
003: The Fallen imperatrix :
004: The Last Eternal Samurai :
005: Norsetronaut :
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