What You Make of It (A Book on the Future of Furniture)
PROJECT BRIEF: Design a book on the future of a randomly assigned topic; in my case, the future of furniture.
Conceptually, I focused on furniture materials. The first chapter is furniture history, organized by material (iron in the industrial revolution, tubular steel in the Bauhaus, etc). Chapter two discusses how furniture design reflects a society's values, and predicted that sustainability will become a core design value. Chapter three talks about what sustainable furniture would look like, with recyclable materials, reclaimed materials, and environmentally friendly materials. My research included the book Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things by William McDonough & Michael Braungart, and the documentary Objectified by Gary Hustwit.

I avoided designing a book that looked like the quintessential furniture magazine. Instead, I featured large, close up photographs of the material (most of which I took myself), focusing on texture and light. I avoided full bleed designs, cropping images to the edge of my grid to give the layouts a more constructed feel. I used the font Eames Century Modern Stencil, with its distinct letterforms, in order to highlight the ideas of form, construction and design, which were key concepts for the book. I chose Chaparral for the body text, and the pull quotes used Conqueror Sans which I chose for its clean, geometric, constructed look. The color scheme (black, gray, brown, pale yellow and red) reflects the colors of furniture, and the photographs have a duotone effect using those colors. 
This project was selected as a runner up in the Creative Quarterly 30 Contest, Graphic Design: Student category.