Logo for Voracious Games

THE CORE Create a logo for Voracious Games. The company produces stylized video games with focus on creating engaging, beautiful stories with multi-faceted characters. The customers will be reached through Steam marketplace, active presence on Social Media channels (especially Twitter and Tumblr), by multimedia push and face-to-face at game conventions
CUSTOMERS The target customers are in the age span 16-30 year, close to gender neutral but leaning towards a female audience. The target group grew up playing Final Fantasy and watching Disney animated films and japanese anime. The customers are midcore gamers and they want gameplay depth and enjoys strong narratives. They also tend to like well-crafted and polished game play experiences.
COMPETITION Some of the competitors are: That Game Company, Super Giant Games, Capy Games, Double Fine, Klei Entertainment and Vlambeer.
THE BRAND Words that should be associated with the brand are: strong, artistic, quality, polished. Customers shall trust that Voracious Games provides quality.
USAGE The logo will be used in the games, on Steam marketplace, Social media channels, website, business cards, t-shirts, etc.

A HUNGRY QUALITY GAME COMPANY My goal with the overall visual design is to establish Voracious Games as a hungry game company that wants to craft the best games out there. Quality games that has a foundation in strong narratives and multi-faceted characters.
NUANCED CRAFT LOGO WITH LOTS OF CHARACTER As a viewer you strongly feel that quality is a big thing for Voracious Games. They value craft. The logo design consists of both hard corners and round, smooth curves. Showing many different “sides of itself”, as a opposite to just hard or smooth. This also relates to your primary target group, who is close to gender-neutral (not just for men or women). The logo is pretty minimalistic but still far from sterile with lots of character,  just like the characters in their games.
EWOKE THE RIGHT FEELINGS When you see the logo you should get a sense of what Voracious Games stands for. The logo is a polished modern design that signals strength, craft and quality.  
EASY TO RECOGNIZE, EASY TO USE The logo design is distinct and very easily recognized in just black or white. I have also created a monogram (logomark) to use where the main logotype does not fit. Examples could be as an icon on web/social media platforms like Steam, Facebook, Tumblr, etc.
STANDS OUT The overall expression is very different from any of the competitors.  
Above. Mindmapping. 
Above. Some of my inspiration for this project.
Above. Rough sketches for the chosen direction.
Above. Refined sketch, thank god for the light table. :-)
Above. Double-checking large and small size legability. 
Above. From inside vector program Adobe Illustrator. 
Above. Final logo (inverted version). 
Above. Final logo (regular version). 
Above. Business cards with the new logo. 
Above. Complementing mark for small-size places like Instagram, Facebook and Steam. 
Above. Mockup of the mark in use.
Above. In the brief Voracious Games stated that they wanted the logo so great that their customers wanted to wear it on a t-shirt. I would wear it! 

Thank you for viewing my work!
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Logo for Voracious Games

Logo for Voracious Games

Logo for Voracious Games. 100% hand-drawn and then digitally refined.

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