City Scenes
Digital Photography
Joe Gemignani has devoted his career to finding beauty in the mundane and capturing his unique vision on camera. Years of working as anadvertising photographer honed his composition skill and ability to identify the best angle, light and color needed to create images pleasing to the observer.Whether he uses complex professional equipment or an old Polaroid camera,Gemignani makes the camera see what the eye cannot.

The photograph that comes from the camera is not the end of the process. Gemignani then applies a combination of filters and customized techniques to enhance and transform the digital images. His unique post-camera artistry amplifies the essence of each image, and it becomes apparent how even the tiniest detail is an integral part that contributes to the beauty of the whole image.

Much of Gemignani’s Polaroid and fine art photography contrasts the physical and ethereal beauty of tropical, rural and urban environments. Fort his reason, his photographs have been purchased for private collections and are on permanent display in corporate and public areas worldwide.
                                                                   Old Taxi on 7th Avenue NYC
                                                                             Bike, New York City
                                                                            Book Store Bleecker Street
                                                                         Alterations, Greenwich Village
                                                                             View from DUMBO, Brooklyn
                                                                                Ferry and The Statue
                                                                           Sax Player, Central Park, NYC
                                                                                  Sculpture on Roof, NYC
                                                                             Rockefeller Center #1 NYC
                                                                        Rockefeller Center #2 NYC
                                                                           Rockefeller Center #3 NYC
                                                                              Central Park #1
                                                                                    Central Park #2
                                                                             Squirrel Central Park
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