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    Project Vorm en Interactie
Identity Theft | a story about Akzidenz Grotesk
The year is 2048.

It has been 150 years since the development of the Akzidenz Grotesk typeface. Society is taken over by the GRID-SYSTEM. The European Union has decided that from this day all graphic design has to be made using the GRID-SYSTEM and the Akzidenz Grotesk typeface. Any other ways of design will be strictly prohibited.
The goverment has ordered the army to quarantine any graphic designers that are likely to diverge for questioning. The designers will be tested whether they are suitable to function in modern society according to the new regime. If this is not the case then they will be charged for treason and spend the rest of there days in darkness. A small group designers form the resistance, and try to do everything to prevent other designers been locked up for good by the GRID.

Which side will you choose?
De structuur van de keuzes zijn vooraf verwerkt in een grafiek.