Illustration and Painting
made by Olga Lagounova

Water-Lilies, oil on canvas 18"x24"
The most touching and poetical work of Victor Vasnetsov "Alyonushka" inspired the image "Water-Lilies." The girl like the Botticelli's Venera is an allegory of nature, which is accused with people narrow justice, as it was said during the International News that the Russian have inclining to spy. According the ancient Russian Tradition, on the middle summer, there is a fest - Ivan Kupala's day, and for celebration of this day, she decorated her head with the wreath, done by her hands, which she couldn't put on the head of her darling, as nobody loves the accused girl.
Homesick, watercolor, Photoshop
Roses and Moon, oil on canvas
Reflection about 'Reality and Dream'
"Life is a box of chocolate," illustration, acrylic painting
"Vanity Fair," the illustration done with pen and pencil
"The First Ball of Natasha Rostova," the illustration for the book Leo Tolstoy "War and Peace."
"The right poses for squash players," illustration, made with the help of Illustrator program
Logo "United Squash League"
"Let's make sure that we never do this again," illustration, acrylic painting
"On shore," watercolor on the watercolor paper
The illustration for the book "Nuclear War Survival Skills" -- the specially chosen person with the gas mask on the background of the nuclear explosion is for purpose to show how much useful the advises from the book to survive.
The digital image shows the bomber plaine, dropping the bombs on the city. The black colour is symbol of the death. The red colour is a symbol of the hot temperature. The dark-purple is a symbol of the blood. The illustration was used to create the cover of the book "Terror Bombing."