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    Places Series #2 - Out on the edge
Places Series #2: Out on the edge
Mixed media - Digital, graphite
Get a little closer to the edge, move a little more and you're almost there. You want to see things, even if it scares you. So you find ways to get closer, closer to the edge. 

Every now and then, you'll question your distance and look back. Perhaps, you manage to tip over a bit and some days, you hide.

If you're feeling a bit unsure, create your 'sturdy thing'. And if you're feeling a bit unsafe, learn to tie yourself to your 'sturdy thing' just in case and go out on the edge again. 

Take the risk, take all but be aware and be careful of becoming reckless. Once you manage your balance, you stand out there on the edge. Perhaps, a little longer than usual. 

What do you see? Do you like the 'things' you see?