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    Interactive Set of Initial letters
An interactive inicial set
My project deals with font design, especiallywith modern initials. During my former works I often thought to use initials atthe beginning of a paragraph, but the classical initials are very typical forthe age as they were designed. Therefore these initials cannot be used inmodern publications. So I started a design line to redefine these decoratedletters. I transformed them into our modern world and the new fonts can be usedin “high-tech” publications as well as in other fields of graphic design.
The basic set of letters was designed byvectors and these fonts were adapted to a stereoscopic system. Nails weredriven into painted wood plates according to the specialities of the givenletters. Afterwards I connected the nails with a thread sensitive to ultravioletlight.
The next step was to design a generative set offonts on the basis of these letters. The given letter can be visualized bypressing the button of the given letter on the keyboard of a computer. Thegiven character will be drawn, yet by a net of lines getting closer and closerand the ductus will be darker and darker. Therefore the user can easily choosethe correct initial, which is in perfect harmony with the fonts of the usedtext. After drawing the basic contour, every letter will be drawn at random.This means that every letter will be visualized by a new “route” every time.Pressing the space button a pdf-screenshot can be saved from the actual phase,which can be used with the traditional graphic programs in the further works.(Deleting happens with the backspace button. The application can be operated bythe Processing program.)

At 2011. 05. 26. We held an exhibition at Budapest based Telep Gallery.

The next pictures were taken at the making of period and some posters to get more information about the project.
And some pictures about how we developed the code for processing
Stay tuned! The website is coming soon to let you play and save initials for your work!

Special Thanks to Tom Ilsinszki

Cheers from Budapest and from Istanbul! The Typogravity Team