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    A branding kit designed for Cloak & Dagger Barber Co. in 2015.
Just posting this makes me want to go back and work on this project again. The boys at Cloak & Dagger Barber Co are top notch individuals, and were fantastic to work with. Not to mention, I had a blast bringing their business to life!

They were referred to me by a previous client and approached me to help brand their upcoming barber shop, Cloak & Dagger Barber Co. From the get go we knew that we wanted to avoid some of the big traditional barber shop design tropes, and approached the brand as if it were a high end cocktail bar or custom tailor.

We explored how to best represent the name, and rather than the classic Spy vs. Spy route, we chose to travel down the road of secret societies. This approach gave the imagery an air of mystery and the feeling of a private club.

From their website:
“Cloak & Dagger Barber Co. is dedicated to perfecting the craft of the cut, while building a strong Portland Community. Our Barbers are skilled in both traditional and modern men’s haircuts, straight razor shaves, beard and mustache trims with a simple goal of helping men reach their full potential by providing the highest quality service and experience.”

The logo was inspired by the Masonic compass and the Eye of Providence.


While normally reserved for large format display, Big Caslon was selected for the logotype because of the drastic variations in width. This emphasises the precise skill of the barbers. Paired with Avenir Next, the brand displays both a classic sophistication and a modern youthfulness.


The branding kit was fleshed out to make room for growth. Whether it be new locations, or ventures into other fields of men’s grooming, Cloak & Dagger has been equipped for the road ahead.



We approached ADX portland to create the custom signage.
A detailed illustration of the logo was created for signage use, creating more depth to the brand and giving it an established feel.
A pattern was designed as a window decal so as to further the private club aesthetic.