Irish Sponsorship Summit 2016 is an annual event held in Croke Park, Dublin and this year the company decided to do a re-brand. 
Our task involved re-designing their logo to give it a fresh look while still maintaining the corporate look and putting together a set of basic branding guidelines for future use. 
As well as that we were asked to re-edit their existing promo video, which wasn't up to par. We used the footage which was shot at the last event (and shot some of our own original time lapses of Croke park) and completely re-cut the video making it shorter, to the point and more approachable. 
The logo was also animated and we created a series of animations to go into the video. 
Finally we had a task of re-designing the website completely and it all lead to a fantastic and a very successful event. 
Promo video for the event: