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    10_Cabinets of_Magaziners Exhibition VI Design and Product Development 10個雜誌人展 展覽視覺設計與衍生產品設計
10_Cabinets of_Magaziners Exhibition 10個雜誌人展
Time 20/11-29/12/2015
 Location The Mix-Place 衡山·和集
“Magazine” originates from Arabic word “makhzan”, meaning the “drawer of storage”.
Each magazine is an independent drawer, and the “magaziner” is accordingly the one who fills up the content and pulls up the drawer.
This is a multi-media exhibition, with ten significant “magaziners”.
This bunch of people wander among various social characters.
They have inspired the tendency of multiculture, and originally evoked senses and touches of life itself.
Magazine — 雜誌一詞源自阿拉伯語的 “Makhzan”,意指「存放物品的抽屜」。
Creative Director Rocky Liang
Design Ray Chen
Illustration Rose QR Lin
inspirational objects to the VI design
"drawers & cabinets"
Early logo design testing versions in both Simplified & Traditional Chinese Characters
the colour palette of the VI system
"Yves Klein Blue" & "Cool Grey"
Final Version of the Logo design
Exhibition Leaflet & Postcards
featuring illustration of the 10 iconic magaziners
illustration by Rose QR LIN
in the order of
Andy Warhol / George Lois
Alexey Brodovitch / Jenn Wenner
Henry Luce / Tina Brown
Terry Jones / Tyler Brûlé
Alan Zie Yongder / Hugh Hefner
The Exhibition Poster
The Exhibition Private View Invitation
The Exhibition Map
The Exhibition Guide
The following are specifically-designed "MAGAZINERS" products,
exclusively made for 10_Cabinets of_Magaziners Exhibition
(every single item could be commonly used among most magaziners)
Silkscreen-Print Graphic for the Tote Bag and T-shirt
Tote Bag
(WHITE: featuring Rose QR LIN's illustration of 10 magaziners/BLACK: featuring the tagline "MAKE MAGAZINES, NOT WAR")
(featuring Rose QR LIN's illustration of 10 magaziners)
Premiere Tape
(featuring the 1st issue covers of PLAYBOY, WALLPAPER and early THE NEW YORKER)
Rainbow Notebook
(the icons and words are all embossed with a rainbow-esque gradient silver)
Magazine Mark
(Designed to channel the Cabinet element of VI design)
Felt Pen Pouch
(a tribute to Hugh Hefner's PLAYBOY)
Luce Lighter
(a tribute to Henry Luce, featuring his quote on the front and back)
Make Magazines
Not War
until next time