Tavolo Mio (meaning 'My Table') is a case study motivated by the love for Italian cuisine and culture.
The whole idea is based on the concept of creating a brand that will be both contemporary and nostalgic, combining careful typography with retro aesthetics.
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The inspiration comes from Southern Italy and the small traditional bistros (called 'bars') that operate all day long, serving drinks, coffee and a wide spectrum of dishes like pasta, salads, panini and pizza.
Exceptional quality of ingredients and utmost love for the dishes served make Tavolo Mio a point of reference for umami seekers in Athens downtown.
The logo is designed as a multidisciplinary milestone of the total branding. Its main goal is to function in a very versatile way in order to accomodate all the possible needs in terms of placement and space.
The core logo can be transformed into 3 additional forms for purposes of adaptivity in different environments and showcasing different values from it.
The central t of the logo plays a major role in all variations functioning as the basic emblem of the brand.
The colors derive from the core elements of italian cuisine, that is, the vegetables. The palette is based on 4 distinct colors that function interchangeably in order to create a result which is both appealing to the eye and boldly prestigious for the bistro's value. 
These 4 colors are selected for a total match to the home-like and nostalgic style of the total branding, empowering the brand awareness and presence to the market.
The identity is built upon the notion of creating a friendly look, yet establishing a bold image.
All the elements are neatly tied together in terms of color cohesion and materials selection (eco paper, light wood, white porcelaine etc.). Typography is discrete, with some bold elements attracting the eye for means of visual variation. Contemporary aesthetics play a major role in shaping the total look of the brand, creating an upper-class style that is both tied to Italy's culture, yet significantly adapted to Greek demands.
The result is a calm and inviting style that leaves its mark on the visitor's heart.