Inspiring wedding invitations
Ornamental art always has been an important part of design history from prehistorictimes to nowadays. This wedding invitation design is inspired by the ornament stylesduring the reign of Queen Victoria.

To find a decorative forms and style I used a hand-drown pictures ofarchitechture elements (bas-reliefs, fretworks) by James K.Colling and his book  “Victorian Foliage Designs”.

Victorian ornament is a true masterpieceand well-known for its luxury, decorative richness and high level of detalization.It was used on every kind of object - textiles, ceramics, clothing, furniture, etc.
In my work I tried to save the eleganceand Victorian spirit but minimize, geometrize and adapt it for modern view. Blackand white silhouette of ornament looks contrast, simple but very expressive. Thepaper used for print continues the idea - the envelope is madeof pleasant tactile chic velvet and basis of invitation - of touch-cover paperwhich is rose petal-like to the touch.