I still have your shirt - L'assenza
I still have your shirt
the cream colored silk one
that I spilt wine on
the night i fixed you dinner
i hung it in my closet
L' assenza, watercolors on paper cm 50x50
Detail 1
detail 2

i was standing beside as you gazed out
i must have been twisted much too close
when you suddenly laughed and turned
i see it every morning
i was enchanted by the scent of your hair
so at first I didn't notice my half full glass

detail 3

as i rub my cheek upon ittap the pliant edge of your breast
i feel its softness every night
funny how life gears down to slow
motioning the end of a once upon a time myth
with the sight of chest painted in chianti red

detail 5

a ghastly gasp escaped your lips
as the glass tumbled to the floor
shattering the evening's romantic tenor
wishing for a change of heart
you departed wearing a blue shirt of mine
so i could blot and wash before a stain should set
without a word my shirt returned postage paid
i still have your shirt

deatail 4
Core 'ngrato, tenor Enrico Caruso
L'attesa (addormentata sulla camicia blu), mixed media on paper cm 50 x 50
La tua assenza, mixed media on paper, cm 50x100
poem by Jeff Reeve
I still have your shirt - L'assenza

I still have your shirt - L'assenza

L'assenza (I still have your shirt)

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