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    photographic series with costume character construction.
50ft McQueenie

Fashion has provided us the power of endless transformation.Now that we spend a greater amount of our time online we might believe that wehave a deeper sense of control over how we construct and selectively representour bodies through image. I place confidence in the sentiment that theparameters defining the fashionable and beautiful have greatly expanded as aresult of the rise of virtual technology. In making these works I employtechniques of construction which permutate the objects’ relation to space.These studio portraits of intensified and altered identities are intended tocharter the boundlessness of fashion’s transformative power and potential.

The Queen (2011)
The Madame (2011)
The Crier (2011)
The Butcher (2011)
The Barber (2011)
The Banker (2011)
The Blacksmith (2011)
The Harlequin (2011)
The Peasant (2011)
The Priest (2011)
The Sister (2011)
The Soothsayer (2011)
The Virgin (2011)