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    Ball States Multicultural Center Creates an entrance to campus, and provides missing student amenities
The entrances, a cafe to the left addresses the street, two main doors allow access to the library (above), the courtyard beyond, and the lounge under the green roof. This entrance was pulled back to encourage curiosity,  and made open to seem un-assuming. Below the library, the theater entrance creates a sense of drama, as it pulls yo in to a new world.
The Multicultural Center  grants space to relax. The building pushes to the edges of the site, to allow the interior court allows Large parties to enjoy the space. at the center of the perspective, a vestibule opens on nice days to allow for free, relaxed circulation through the building. this is ball state's living room
a theater underground allowed the site to be wrapped in program. as proggramed spaces touch, students engaged in different activities have the opportunity to interact.