This is a chair
We propose a 3 legs chair, following the idea to make a base can fitt a multiple finishes. The chair, we consider, has at least two positions, the use and non-use, in this last case the backside takes a relevance look, sometimes you can see the esential of chair (the structure).

The work propouse to use less material as possible, that becomes an light structure and esasy quick look, this light structure takes out the value of presence of the chair, but this becomes an important presence.

This design follows the news concepts in TFS are working, the "design out", it will means that all design have in de DNA code the logics og ecological materials and finishes, functional and ergonomic features.
This value are inside the product design process and not apllied like a extra value.

The chair has one kind structure in natural wood (from local forests) and metal structure. The seats has differents materials and finishes with a easy production process, that means it can be builded everywhere using the basic manipulations process.

Using the "basics" works and handmakes, the materials that can find in most of places you has a local production, and local distribution. Any chair will have a similar finishes butt following the local materials.