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Thanks everyone for the overwhelming positive feedback and comments. We take it to heart, and have integrated it into our beta launch ( coming super soon!! )
Meanwhile we would like to share our fresh new Artist Manifesto.
Peep it > http://bit.ly/H3GKaM
Our Manifesto :

Nothing is sacred anymore.

Everything, however, is customizable. It's remixable, shuffle-able, and about a million other things that involve taking something original and making it original-er. Making something absolutely unique. Totally yours. And we don't just mean ownership. We mean affecting something that affects you.

We're here to let people personalize art.

Yes, you read that right. Personalized art. Blasphemy? Hardly. Authorship went out the window with Duchamp's Fountain, and Warhol's Madonna. Once an artist puts their work out to the world, everyone sees and feels it differently anyway. We're just giving people the tools they need to craft an even more personal connection with the pieces they love. It's not as giant of a leap as it seems. Or maybe it is. But we don't think so.

It's simple. Open-minded, un-stuffy artists submit their work to our site. Visitors see their work, their hearts explode (in the good way), and they remix, customize, and personalize each piece with the sophisticated, elegant tools we give them. Then, we turn it into high quality fine-art prints and canvases and ship it all over the world. Walls get arty. Artists make money. High fives get high five-y.

But hey, we're not for everyone. We get that. If you're an artist who sees this as bastardizing your work, that's fine. Carry on. No hard feelings. But if you're someone who sees art as visceral, personal, and emotional objects of affection, then hell, this might just tickle your fancy.

The bottom line is that we're here to help elevate the art that people love. To bridge the gap between people and the pieces they love. If that sounds like something you're into, then we love you. If not, well, we love you too. Different strokes, folks.

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Our FAQs