In the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012, I took a creative writing seminar with poet Kenny Goldsmith and Whitney Lauder Curatorial Fellow, Jennifer Burris at the University of Pennsylvania. Inspired by graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister, we focused on one truism to create a body of work;
concrete, poetic, performance, graphic, relational and artistic. My truism: Egos are Frail.
Our class sessions, projects, and research culminated into a book; an intimate two-part interview with Stefan Sagmeister released under the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. The book is closely in sync with the  Happy Show exhibit and also contains intros by Kenny and Jennifer, interview photos, our truism statements, and an original pataphysical index.
The Self Care Mix unfolded during Diedra Krieger and Staci Lynn’s performance of Staci Lynn’s truism Egos Are Frail on the night of April 4th, 2012 at the opening reception for Stefan Sagemeister:The Happy Show. During the performance, Staci Lynn’s curiosity of the malleable nature of the ego and Diedra Krieger’s ongoing interrogation of self care culminated in a spontaneous collaboration. Diedra Krieger and Staci Lynn captured chance encounters with both unknown and familiar faces who generously shared their recipes for enacting self-care. Interview was published in  Title Magazine on August 8, 2012.
photo credit: Ashley Tester
assistants: Kelly Anne Davis, Diedra Krieger
video credit: Diedra Krieger
music credit: Reformed Faction- Hollerei (Soleilmoon)