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    Logotype design
Rhythm TNT Poster
Altering lines of volume, beat echoing through speakers, an audible pattern vibrating through the air. "Rhythm" is a word that encases a multitude of facets that can be visually translated. For an event like TNT that is a night of poem and lyrics reading in downtown San Diego creating a logotype with this word can create an easily identifiable system that is legible without the need of copy. 
Using typography to convey a message instead of graphics is a strong visual element that reads itself as the actual word but much more than that. In this project, multiple words were explored to discover the strongest, as well as multiple translations based on the descriptions in the definitions of the word itself. The choice of coinciding lyrics was a designer's choice and incorporating them relied on keeping the design consistent but not overly repetitive. 
The color choice was based on audibly connecting tones to the color wheel. I heard jeweled tones in the song lyrics I used, "Crystallized" by the XX. The colors echoed this translation and the concept became a rhythm in itself.