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    Art medals exploring the theme of perception.
Medals of Perception Art medals exploring the theme of perception
Wearable art medal incorporating miniature video camera for subverting surveillance. 
Silvered gilding metal, camera, electronics.

'Reflecting Retinoscope'
Optical art medal in silver.
This mirrored object is for both the near- and far-sighted viewer. The spectator can scrutinise their own reflection at close range or look through the central pinhole, only to observe at the same time, a gap in the centre of their pupil; that inescapable gap between seeing and understanding.

'Keep Watch'
Suspended installation in silver and glass, with watch face illusion.
'Blind Spot'
Art medal with Braille message, in silvered copper.
The human visual cortex in the brain, which processes the visual information received from the eye, is 'the same size as four postage stamps' (MIT research). Whether sighted or visually impaired, we all have a blind spot towards something, either through ignorance or volition.

Wearable art medal incorporating illusory image.
Silver, print, ulexite, freshwater seed pearls, medal ribbon.