Klebebande Berlin (Tape Art) - Adobe remix
(Tape Art)
After our performance at the 2015 Creative Cloud release in Berlin, Adobe asked us if we would also like to get involved in the Adobe Remix Project with one of our "tape-art" installations.
Adobe Remix has already inspired many great artists to create truly inspirational projects. For example, we think the LED wall from GS+P BETA Group and the large sand painting by Andres Amador are extremely cool.
To be part of this major international project was a huge incentive for us! We were delighted when Adobe gave us the opportunity to create – and present – our own interpretation of the Adobe logo.
We work with Adobe software every day, which is how we came up with the idea of ​​designing something that embodies one of the best-known features of Adobe's creative software: working with layers. 
In the end, we decided to arrange the strips of tape in a way that the impression of overlapping layers was created on the two-dimensional surface – a trick of geometry and contrast. 
We chose black and grey tape against a white surface, which emphasises the structures. Too many colours would only be distracting. Only the "A" was allowed to shine out, in strong red. 
We were also inspired by the "Op-Art" style, which is commonly found on building facades. As a highlight, we planned to lend the "A" a little additional plastic character, by means of a protruding construction.
Although we often work with paper sketches, we executed this design completely in Adobe Illustrator CC. The rest was just good old-fashioned handcraft.
As a background, we used a 6-metre-wide and 7-metre-high fibreboard. We started by sticking on the background, before later assembling a wood and metal structure and applying the adhesive tape to create the "A"
Nikolaj and Bruno worked at the top of the wall with the help of a lifting platform. Bodo remained below, where he worked on the highly intricate patterns. He designed the whole installation, as he is the "architect" among us. The draft was conceived so that no lines of the same thickness meet each other. This was the only way we could achieve the plastic impression.
All together, we had seven different widths of duct tape, from 0.3 cm to 15 cm. The very narrow rolls of tape were cut professionally. Still, we only ever use tape that anyone can buy. For the entire 42-square-metre area, we got through three kilometres of tape!
Designing such a gigantic project on the computer is one thing; building it in real life is quite another.
Did we get the calculations right? Did we stick to the planned proportions with the tape?
It all called for good hand-eye coordination, and we didn't use any tools apart from box cutters on the tearoff points, to ensure everything looked neat and tidy
In the end, everything went great. The positive feedback from the public was extremely motivating. 25 hours of work on-site – and one week of preparation – paid off.
We are thrilled with the results and are delighted to become part of the Adobe Remix Gallery!
Klebebande Berlin (Tape Art) - Adobe remix
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Klebebande Berlin