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    These are concept arts and designs for my friend Andrea's bake goods business...FU Freddy (A Sweet Business With Some Attitude)
FU Freddy a.k.a. Freddy FU Frizzle and his buddy Leonard
A Sweet Business With Some Attitude....Bakers by day....P.I. by night.
This is the first concept sketch of Leonard and FU Freddy’s bakery/Secret Private Detective agency. The first thing that comes to my mind were images of two places that stuck in my head: This BBQ joint outside Austin, Tx, my friend Tom took me to a few years back and this Hungarian bakery in upper east side of New York City. Both places had these wood panels on the wall that can bring you back to the 1970s and the patterns struck me as the most unique, somewhat tacky but vivid images. I wanted Leonard and Freddy’s shop to be both run down yet inviting, as if what they are offering is one of the best kept secret in town: come for a few donuts and having your problem solved, let it be big or small, but leave the attitude outside the door because these two will take zero shit from anybody….
Above is the first frame of Leonard and Freddy's first adventure comic
Above is Freddy and Leonard's donut shop/Private detective agency. It is on the ground floor of a building that uses unexploded bombs as structure and stupport 
Above is a landscape view of the Power City, where Freddy and Leonard fight crimes
Above are concept drawings of the Mother Bomb, the beginning of the Power City.
A brief history of Leonard
These are additional sketches of the armored Freddy, you see various equipments carried by him. It is used when things get rough and require additional backup. 
Above is the robotic armor used by Leonard, both armors were passed down from Leonard and Freddy's dads who sacrificed their lives to safe the people of power city at the end of World War 2.5
The Leonard Bearstein Coconut Donuts Meditation Methods is a simple but effective way of allowing one to discover solitude and strategize as well as planning various necessary life decisions. There are 3 simple steps: 1) Make a giant Coconut (or other flavors, but why?) Donut, “supersize it” as we say in the donut making business. 2) Place the Super Donut over one’s head. 3)Eat through the donut. During the time that is required for someone (Mostly just Leonard) to finish this giant donut. One would have enough time to think through whatever is on his or her mind and achieve inner peace as well as gaining a whole new perspective in life. Once the donut is placed over the head, one will be disconnected from the outside world (Seriously, you will be stuck in the middle of a big ass donut, thus you can’t see or hear anything, best to be sitting down on a padded chair) This tested and true method has helped Leonard through many many difficult time.
This is part of Dr. Cyprus’ massive estate, where he hosts his annual party. As an avid collector of antiques, Dr. Cyprus has an extensive collections of human Gods status, mostly damaged by war. This is the spot where Leonard and Freddy gone undercover as Leon Max and Duke Chesterfield.
“It’s like their Gods just decided to take a vacation and left the keys of their tool shack to their children, and we are what the children made…” Dr. Cyprus.
Below is the original sketch, I got the idea of massive statues carved out of marbles or rocks supported by very few super thick, twisting iron bars at the base. You only see the top half of the statue, or 3/4th the most since most of these statues were damaged during the war. I wanted to place Leonard and Freddy in a somewhat dark setting so we can introduce Dr. Cyprus and the ideas which he represented. As a fellow vet and former colleague of Freddy and Leonard’s fathers, Dr. Cyprus carried a certain weight with our heros and what he stood for almost won Freddy over. However, it was Leonard’s almost naive, yet straight as an arrow sense of justice disguised by his loud mouth and often clumsy actions that saved Freddy. Leonard is pure good, Freddy is pure sharp wit, but he needs Leonard’s heart to find true North from time to time while Leonard needs Freddy to save his ass on a daily basis. I want their undercover works start here to give the audience a sense that they are not in Kansas anymore and this particular enemy they face is no simple street thugs or the local mobs….this is something much much more dangerous.