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Find Copan
Integrated Campaign
Integrated campaign to launch a new venue in Dublin, Ireland. Deliverables included print materials, a content-managed website, an augmented reality smartphone game plus extensive online marketing and social media management.

The first of its kind in Ireland, the innovative campaign generated a huge amount of media buzz by utilizing the latest emerging technologies in web and mobile communications.

My Role
Strategy & Planning, Art Direction, Design, Illustration, Development, Project Management

Capitol Bars

Traditional (Print, TV & Radio)
AR App
Social Media Management
Venue Website (details)
"Find Copan was our favorite AR case for 2010 alongside BMW, Nestle, Unilever, H&M, Skoda, JC Penney, Adidas, Toyota, Volvo, IBM, Ben & Jerry’s, Forever 21"

The Next Web

"One of the things that makes Augmented Reality unique from other mobile and digital technologies is that it is by its very nature inherently interactive. The blending of digital information with the real world makes for truly immersive experiences, and a new promotion in Dublin, Ireland is taking advantage of this in a big way. For the grand opening of COPĀN, a new café bar modeled in the style of the ancient Mayan civilization of the same name, a week-long mobile scavenger hunt called “Find COPĀN” is being held.”


"The Top 10 Articles during 2010
And now for the big one, The top 10 most read articles during 2010. NASA dominates the list with its amazing images of Ireland while Find Copan, the smartphone game, makes two appearances on the list."

"The Sociable’s top 20 tag searches
Apart from our most read list of most read tags by article we can also show you our most click tags for 2010. This year you were particularly interested in Copan, the augmented reality game set in Dublin."


Hotpress Magazine, 100th Anniversary Issue