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Volanti Imaging - Generative Logo Development

About the Project
We were asked to work on the brand development for Volanti Imaging, a drone photography company, who were keen to explore animated / generative logo designs for their new venture.
In addition to the basic logo design, we also worked on creating animated video intros and a generative WebGL logo the reacts to London's weather for the web site.
All of the work was created algorithmically in Processing and ThreeJS.
The Logo
A series of final assets showing different particle counts, and arrangements used as the logo and also textures for video and print work.
Business Cards
In addition to the logo for the business cards, we used Processing to create a series of random views of the "V" vortex from above so each card has it's own unique back. 

Ripe Digital (http://www.ripedigital.co.uk/) printed the cards on their new digital press using a unique white ink process.
The Website
For the website we created a WebGL version of the logo, which using data from http://openweathermap.org/ responds to the current weather in London.
Greater Atmospheric Pressure creates more particles are densely packed tails, while Wind Speed increases the rotation speed of the logo.
CodePen Demo
You can play with the emulated weather data parameters in this CodePen... http://codepen.io/brondbjerg/pen/qZdwxz
Development Images
Below are a series of development images, genmerated while the logo was being developed.
It shows how if you create parameterised design system, you can quickly create many variations and assets, to help refine the final design.
Volanti Imaging - Generative Logo Development

Volanti Imaging - Generative Logo Development

We were asked to work on the brand development for Volanti Imaging, a drone photography company, who were keen to explore animated / generative l Read More