Cass Street Proposal
Berrien Springs, MI
The goal of this proposal is to illustrate how new infill development can compliment the existing neighborhood and community assets to bring much-needed investment, full-time residents, and visitors. The proposals within this document seek to build upon the existing land use policies of Berrien Springs (pop. 1,800 on 0.9 square miles), particularly the master plan and the zoning ordinance. This plan proposes that all historic buildings be preserved and all new buildings be designed to compliment the architecture of the historic fabric. This project is the result of a self-initiated, unfunded academic project for the benefit of student education and public service and was awarded the 2012 CNU Academic Charter Award.
 Existing Site and Proposed Site Development
Green Space Assessment and Proposed Land Use Diagrams
Phasing Diagrams
Existing and Proposed Neighborhood Center
Existing and Proposed Park View
Existing and Proposed Civic Green
Existing and Proposed Aerial View
Retirement Home Center
Proposed Street Section
Current Zoning Map