I wrote my first book about mental health from the perspective of Stoic philosophy. The full PDF is free to download, and you can buy hard copies on Amazon.

This project started in July 2015 I received the Arthur Adkins Fellowship and PRISM Research Grant. The book itself has great personal significance to me. Here, however, I list it simply for its design.

I found the cover photo in the public domain on Unsplash, and color corrected and composited it in Photoshop.
Virtual Mock-Up
Once I finished writing, I laid out the book using procedural styles and an asymmetric page layout natively in Word. I used the free fonts EB Garamond for the body and Tex Gyre Heroes for display. Then, I exported the text out of word as a PDF and added the cover. This was the final product that I distributed on a pay-what-you-want basis (no minimum) on Itch.io.

Getting the book into the physical world was a challenge, as I didn't want the hassle of contracts or publishers. I prepared the PDF for print and designed cover spreads for the paperback and hardcover, which have different dimensions. The hardcover came out particularly nice, as I opted for a matte 'imagewrap' finish as opposed to a removable dustjacket. I order a small batch of 100 from a company called Blurb, who also print on demand for consumers. I set up distribution with Amazon, too.
Small run of 100 first-editions. Paperback and hardcover produced by Blurb and distributed through Amazon.
Since release, I've sold most of the physical first editions one by one out of my apartment. The book has been downloaded more than 2,000 times. Stoicism Today also featured two chapters and included another in their forthcoming collection. Contact me if you are interested in a copy for review.
The party wasn't bad, either.