Nostalgia, Snow.
A series dedicated to Snow Culture in Southern California.
My Nostalgia Series is an ongoing series capturing the moments and life of the Snowboard Culture. Those that are apart of the snow culture may only experience the snow in Southern California for a few months at a time however every day of freshly dumped snow is a gift like any other. Though most of the snow scene consists of a wide range of age, race and gender, the snow brings a giddy-ness and unity among strangers sharing the mountain. My images are intended to grasp onto the moments that come by only a few months at a time.

The images I have selected for viewing capture the moments that are often not shown in most snowboard documentation. Unlike those who focus on the amazing tricks of the riders, I believe that the anticipation of day's beginning is the just as exciting. As a snowboarder myself, I share the same bliss like any other who understands the joy of driving to the mountain to for fresh powder.

© Vicky Moon