01 LASER Perambulator_Wakietakie Equipped later range finder and digital inclinometer. 
It measures area and volume of construction site, and it provides information about 
more sophisticated and additional space using interconnection with smart mobile. 
02 3D Scanner_Mobile 3D Equipped 3D Scanner Mobile.
It leads to quick work by exchanging accurate information between geographical 
feature and work condition of construction site and office.
03 Controller_Quati Equipped controller with Construction Equipment 
(earthmoving, transport, phase difference, packaging) 
Integrated essential elements of the variety equipments used in the 
construction site into one device. 
As time goes by, every industry has a high level of speciality. Mobile device also meets the latest technology and the demand for functionally functional device is still increasing. 'VEGA FUNC' satisfies the users with its specialized functions based on purpose.
Expert, state of the art tech, detailed, these are the keywords of 'VEGA FUNC'.
Since long time ago, all the foundation of industry developed 
endlessly. Also, mobile developed based on the foundation.
F4 is designed for construction site where professional skills 
are needed.
F4 is divided into 3 devices which are mobile, walkie – talkie, 
and QWERTY. Since it designed to target construction site, 
it expresses outdoor feelings such as waterproof, dustproof, 
and durable by molding and material.