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 Behind the Screen

# It took me 5 months to made this porfolio from Concept till Final Render.

# The overall File size is 80GB since my computer couldn't handle the render i had to upgrade my machine to kick the stuffs.

# Some of the assets which appears behind the main UI design are all below, all these contents are animated based on time, you can visit my Vimeo page to see the individual animations.

# First two months for Research and Development and the next 3 months for final work, iam not sure how these designs works so i had to do the R&D to see what is possible and what is not.

# The initial plan was to display the portfolio in a live action environment, because of some issues with the timing and lighting and the heavy file size, the idea was dropped in the final stage.

# Collected more than 250 images and videos for reference, that was not part of the 5 month schedule. Various inspirations from Application Interface, Periodic Table, Icon Designs, Health monitors, Wireframe models, Game designs, Media players, Security camera monitors, Aviation controls,  Holograms, Google Map, Advertisement Videos and Hollywood movies.

# Iam not a UI designer i was intrigued by these UI design concept and just wanted to try how it works, hence this detailed portfolio.

# The Final portfolio was 18 min which was completely rendered, since it was too long i had to cut it to half and re-work on it. The video above is 9 Min and its final.

# All the concept designs was made in Photoshop and animated in After Effects (all the design elements created inside after effects to have flexibility, based on the photoshop design)

Background Assets

Main HUD Design Concept
(without the Background Assets)

Initial Ideas