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    This was a project for a drawing class to analyze Rapson Hall through value and diagrammatic drawing studies.
Rapson Hall Value and Diagrammatic Study
Fall 2010
Assignment: Through diagrams and value drawings, analyze the way in which light travels through Rapson Hall on the University of Minnesota campus.

I analyzed this path of light throughout the space through several diagrammatic studies:

1) I first focused on a singular path of light through three aligned windows. These windows created a volumetric bar of light penetrating the  space.
2) I then analyzed the progression of sunlight at different times of the day, and how this path of light is consequently affected.
3) Then, I decided to incorporate the entire addition to Rapson Hall, where I noticed a circulation of light throughout the space.
4) I further incorporated architectural elements in my analysis, such as wall and ceiling placements, to see how the light was affected.
5) I then noticed that the light was more than a simple path, but also created a volume of space both in the path of light, and in the void created in the center.
     1)                                    2)                                   3)                                    4)                                    5)
Factors such as window placement, building shape, and varying ceiling planes influenced the creation of my final diagrammatic study. Through careful design and placement of these architectural elements, a circulation of light was created, binding a new space in the center.
After analyzing various paths of sunlight, I found that the light acts as a circulation pattern through the area, becoming its own natural entity that defines a void in the center. Small architectural details, such as the window placement and glossy finish on the floor, further emphasize this quality of light throughout the space.