The Helping Hand
Just an idea how to make a more positive day for people around you
"White lies" are when people want to hide something personal about themselfs. In this case, dark and hurtful feelings..Which we all have and probably will experience in the future.  We often meet this situation when we randomly see someone we know on the streets. As a cliche we ask and answer the same questions and answers. Which is "How are you" and " Im fine thank you"..  But do we mean that? And are they really fine?

People tell these "white lies" to each other everyday and that doesn´t mean we are bad people and that we dont care. As a human you do care. But its hard to help when people you meet on the streets, are in a hurry or just dont know you that well to open their hearts.

This is a cause, not about supporting with money or help with charity work. Its about asking the right question and understanding the answer you get. All you need to do is to see the signs. A mentallity that is needed in our society to make a better day. For everyone.

So what this prosject is about, is that we need to spread a "vibe" that tells us that it is okey to ask for help, even from a stranger. One thing for sure is that people care. We all do. But some are just afraid to show it, because standing up is sometimes embarassing. Especially  when you do it alone..

One love.

Sincerly Tomy Hoang

 Thank you for your time..