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Monsters of JungleThe Monsters of Jungle is a HUMAN IMPRINT tour concept originated byDieselboy. "Monsters of Jungle" was the name originally proposed in1999 by Dieselboy for The Planet of the Drums.The aesthetic of the tour is '80s metal meets drum and bass. Itlaunched at the 11th Annual Starscape Festival in June 2009 as amulti-media stage production including custom visuals, and newmusic "including remixes "and spoken word audio prepared especially forthe show.The tour includes HUMAN IMPRINT artists: Dieselboy, the Upbeats (NewZealand), Evol Intent, Ewun, Demo, Infiltrata, Mayhem, SPKTRM, MCMessinian, and MC Dino. It is represented by Steez Promo, the WilliamMorris Agency and Circle Management. A North American cross-country bustour is planned for 2010.