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    Audi: interactive film »Where is the Fuel Tank?« my part: art direction
Audi: Interactive film »Where is the Fuel Tank?«
The Audi TV spot »Where is the fuel tank?« wassupposed to be extended to the Internet and to show: With an Audi, you have tofill up so rarely that you even forget where the fuel tank is.

A YouTube special that begins where the TV spot ends.Initially we see the film »Where is the Fuel Tank?« just like any regularYouTube clip. But: The search for the fuel tank cap becomes interactive! Theusers can get involved and get help from four teams of special-ists: A pit laneteam, three soccer players from FC Bayern Munich, a special forces unit and ahuman route planner. In the end, two things become clear: Audi’s efficiency isunbeatable. And the fuel tank is always on the right side.

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