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    The Orange Cross is a philosophy for the self, a catalyst for the mind and a hope for humanity.
  + The Orange Cross.
A world exists within our own
where no discrimination exists
of truth and knowledge
embracing equality
Help yourself see this world.
The orange cross is a method
a philosophy for the self
a catalyst for the mind
a hope for humanity

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Main Press Ad

Copy:Suffering exists in many forms and aid is provided to most of it, butan eye on self reparation is neglected. The Orange Cross provides alink to these missing aides to the deprived self. Truth, Patience,Tolerance and Knowledge. All of which add up to the forgotten virtue,Harmony.


Copy: Why are unfamiliar things always questioned at a first glance and not accepted? We are all different colors of a single ray of light, so when nature doesn’t question that fact, why do we? Love sees no color, learn to accept.


Copy: Has the world become so fast paced that we have to violate others’ time to fix our plans? Impatience leads to most of the disorders we face in our daily lives. Patience is not something new to be taught, it’s inside you, you just need to remember it.


Copy: The butterfly effect states that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings at one point in the world can be a cause for a tornado somewhere else. A lie no matter how small is a lie and only you can help create winds of change where tornados were once destined to occur. Be the better butterfly.


Copy: Keeping one’s self in ignorance has lead to misfortune for the self and the victims of his circumstance. One charity that we all can contribute to is to give knowledge out selflessly, so why not start the ripples from one’s self?

The idea of a website was to create an online community that groups together and helps the interaction between people who embrace the philosophy as communicated by the Orange Cross. The purpose of the website was for people to share their experiences and stories.
The below the line activity for this campaign was to put up "Orange Cross" medicine stands in public places, where they give out 'medicine' (a placebo actually, just plain drinking water in mini bottles) to help align the person with a corresponding trait. A description card was handed out with each bottle.

The Orange Cross was my thesis work while i was studying for my bachelors at the Indus Valley School of Art in Karachi, Pakistan.

I took the challenge of making the world my target audience and tried to remind people of what we really are. This started out as a concept but when as i was finishing my project it seemed very possible in actuality. I'm hoping one day i will run this campaign across the globe.

Talha Asim Wynne.