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    Student brief set by Keith Forbes, Partner and Creative Director of Good Creative, Glasgow.
Kate's Vitamin Sea
This was a brief set to me by Good Creative (Glasgow) Partner and Creative Director, Keith Forbes. I was given free reign on this brief which was to design packaging for a collection of fruit drinks for children. Originally named 'Kate's Fruit Potions', these juice drinks were created by Kate Smith, a mother who struggled to find a suitable juice on the market for her children to take to school that wasn't crammed with additives and E numbers.

My response to the brief proved to be quiet quirky with fun and playful elements. When pitching my work to Keith and fellow Good, Design Director, Gail, I was met with smiles and the comment "this is actually mental".
Keith offered me a two week work placement at Good Creative, which i gratefully accepted.
These are the characters used on the juice cartons. I feel they are fun and interactive for children.