Heart — anatomy, expressions and visual
This is a project about ways of seeing and telling, it’s about representation and interpretation. An exploration of a theme in three different perspectives.
Heart englobes three distinct works that explores three different facets.
We can see the heart in many ways, I’ve chosen to represent it by its anatomy, idiomatic expressions and visual representations.
I’ve made illustrations of the inside and outside of the heart. With them I've made a poster where you can see both. The outside it’s in front then by lifting it up you can see the inside.
I’ve made illustrations representing in a sarcastic and humoristic way some expressions with the word ‘heart’. At the end of the book there is the solutions of the expressions represented.
1. Bleeding heart
2. Heart of stone
3. Heavy heart
4. Heart of glass
5. Heart of gold
6. Cold hands, warm heart
7. Cold-hearted
8. Hearts and flowers
9. Sweetheart
10. Cross one’s heart and hope to die
11. Heart is dead set against
12. Chicken-hearted
13. Broken heart
14. Half-hearted
15. Black-hearted
16. Feel a hole in one’s heart
17. Heart burn 
18. Heart sinks
19. Eat one’s heart out
20. Wear your heart on your sleeve
21. Heart is in boots
22. Key to my heart
23. Have a light heart
24. Heartbeat
25. Sing your heart out
26. Search one’s heart
27. Win one’s heart
28. Warm the cockles of one’s heart
29. Hearty breakfast
30. Tear heart out
31. Have your heart in your mouth
32. Sick at heart
33. Fall head over heels in love
Visual representation
To the third perspective I explored the visual representations of the heart compiling 120 images of the heart in various contexts through years. 
ESAD Matosinhos
MA in Communication Design
Thank you! <3
Heart — anatomy, expressions and visual

Heart — anatomy, expressions and visual

Heart englobes three distinct works that explores three different facets: a poster about its anatomy, a small book with illustrations about idiom Read More